The variety of hemp products has grown enormously in recent years. Even in common drugstores, the hemp plant finds its way into the market in various forms. Food supplements and cosmetic products increasingly rely on the advantages of active hemp ingredients. The most popular is probably still CBD-Oil, which has many advantages for the general well-being, especially in its full-spectral form. However, another hemp product is on the rise: hemp powder. Hemp has always been consumed in its raw form, but what are the advantages?

What is pure hemp powder made of?
Hemp powder is the third major type of hemp product besides Hemp- and CBD-Oils (note that there is a big difference between these two oils!), which will be examined more closely at this point. Simply put, it combines positive health effects with its use in the food industry. Nevertheless, hemp powder should not be equated with CBD products or classic hemp oil. This article will therefore define what hemp powder is and which advantages it can offer.

Hemp powder is a classical food supplement containing proteins or the associated proteins. These are known to be indispensable for muscle function, as they act as a “fuel” in the human body for the muscles. This is one of the reasons why athletes are particularly keen to integrate hemp powder into their diet in order to stimulate their active training and thus also their muscle growth. Pure Hemp is also very popular amongst vegans, since they have to put a special attention on a sufficient protein supply. They can find a natural way to supply the body with the necessary proteins through the protein-rich powder.

The advantages of hemp powder
In addition to the advantages mentioned above, there are also some that are not quite so obvious. A special feature of hemp powder is that it contains very valuable amino acids for the body, in fact all essential amino acids, which are supplemented by non-essential amino acids. Simply put, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins in the human body. The valuable omega fats are contained in hemp powder as well as the proteins. Especially the gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is contained in the hemp powder, is considered a natural superfood, as it can provide relief in regards to high blood pressure.

Hemp protein supplies the human body with protein that can be very easily converted by the human organism into endogenous proteins. The great advantage of this natural product is that this conversion takes place without a lot of waste. Because especially the acidic degradation products of non-usable proteins put an enormous strain on the organism, such as the organs liver and kidneys as well as the blood count. For this reason, the natural hemp powder is very easily digestible. In addition, the powder provides other important ingredients such as magnesium, zinc, iron and also contains the hemp active ingredient CBDA (see our article “What Is CBDA?”).

Hemp powder is therefore predominantly a food supplement or a sports supplement, which brings enormous advantages for muscle building and vegan nutrition, but less a product tending in the medical direction, as it is the case with CBD products.