Being overweight and obese has been increasingly addressed as a social problem by doctors and scientists for many years. Being overweight is not an aesthetic problem, but a health problem. General overweight can have serious consequences for your health such as obesity and adiposity. In Germany, 24% of the population can already be described as obese. It is estimated that this problem affects about 2.2 billion people worldwide. In addition to countless diets, recommendations for regular exercise and sports, this article will now answer the question of how CBD can help people reduce their weight in a healthy way.

What does obesity and adiposity mean?
The cause of these diseases is usually a possibly unbalanced or wrong diet. Of course, there are also various metabolic diseases that can cause the body to store too much fat. These should be addressed by medical advice and treatment. In most cases, however, it is not enough exercise and a one-sided, unhealthy diet that leads to obesity and adiposity. It is also not uncommon for overweight people to suffer from mental illness and psychological stress, which is compensated for by (too much) food. Eating so often becomes a kind of valve or even addiction. The causes that lead to excessive eating and too little exercise can be incredibly diverse.

CBD and obesity
CBD is often praised as a true miracle cure for a wide variety of diseases and problems. No, CBD is not a miracle cure at all and it is not enough to take CBD-Oil every day and suddenly the pounds are dropping. Nevertheless, we want to take a closer look at whether CBD can really help to reduce weight in a healthy way.

A general change in diet is inevitable when you want to lose weight. It is necessary to question existing behavioral structures and to look at the composition of the nutritional values of one’s own diet in an unembellished way. Also, the factor sport and movement should be an element on the way to weight loss. Nevertheless, CBD can also be a further factor in this project. Since cannabinoids occur naturally in plants, they supplement the diet completely without chemical additives.

Since obesity often arises from an addiction to food or from a compensatory action, one can speak of a kind of detox, even if food per se is not a drug. The fact that CBD can contribute to a successful detox in addictions has long been confirmed by studies. Since it works on the level of the Endocannabinoid-System and has access to our nervous system and to basic functions of our body, it can influence it in a positive way. This can in turn lead to our appetite being curbed by the anorectic effect of CBD and to the prevention of ravenous attacks. In addition, the ingestion of CBD, with regard to the body’s own metabolism, leads to the stimulation of proteins and genes in the body, which accelerate the breakdown of fat. It also causes an increase in mitochondria (everyone knows them: the power factories of the cells) and their activity. Put simply, this means that body fat is broken down more quickly. In addition, CBD inhibits certain proteins that are necessary for the production of fat cells, so that less fat is deposited.

Added to this is the stress-reducing and relaxing effect of CBD, for which it has become well-known. It helps to prevent stress-related (over)eating and thus has a positive effect on the general eating behaviour from the start. CBD can be an effective aid in achieving the desired weight reduction. Further measures and of course great stamina are needed, but CBD should definitely be considered as a useful and versatile positive supplement if you want to reduce weight naturally for health reasons.