Due to the enormously growing popularity of CBD, there are many different products on the market. The fields of application and the possibilities of treatment with CBD are at least as manifold. In addition, there are different recommendations for the (daily) consumption quantity, i.e. the CBD dosage, depending on the product. This circumstance often leads to confusion and disorientation, especially for newcomers in this field. This article now takes a factor into account that should be considered when dosing CBD: your own age.

How much CBD should I ingest and which factors should I consider?
The effect of CBD can be very different with each person. Therefore, most manufacturers have recommendations on dosage, but these should rather be considered as guidelines. However, the optimal dosage especially for you can be either higher or lower. This mainly depends on the following factors:

  • General state of health (age, weight, diseases, metabolism, etc.)
  • Tolerance of CBD
  • Method of administration
  • Medication intake
  • Level of complaints
  • Concentration of CBD-Oil

All these factors play a role in finding the perfect dosage of CBD-Oil for you. Even though many websites offer “dosage calculators” for the “individual” perfect dosage, in most cases they only include the body weight and the mg of CBD in the product. This ignores other important factors. We will now take a closer look at the age factor.

How does my age influence the dosage of CBD oil?
CBD products are currently the most popular among middle-aged adults. This is related to the more common diseases and conditions that age brings with it. Regarding dosage in adults, each person should go through an individual phase of trial and error before working with a fixed, predetermined dose or recommendation. The micro-dosing method (3%-5%) is often used for this purpose. The ideal dose is approached over several days and weeks by gradually increasing the dose. At a certain time the ideal amount of CBD (“sweet spot”) is exceeded and the dose is then reduced again. In this way you slowly tare the correct dose. Generally speaking, it is better to start with a low dose and then increase the dose. If you are suffering from severe pain or other extremely unpleasant symptoms, you can also start at a higher dosage after consulting a doctor.

For young adults, who in most cases use CBD more for relaxation and stress reduction, lower dosages are also generally recommended, or at least it is recommended to start with a low dosage. For the reduction of stress, stress symptoms and anxiety, low doses are much more promising than high doses.

For elderly people who are already struggling with osteoarthritis, cancer or other serious and very painful diseases, for example, higher doses are usually more effective, as it is often a pain treatment.